Text-To-Speech Video Creation Plugin – WP Video Machine Review

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Text-To-Speech Video Creation Plugin – WP Video Machine Review

Introducing, WP Video Machine! A plug-in that takes a WordPress Blogpost and converts it into a video. Videos you can upload to YouTube to get free traffic, backlinks and higher rankings for your site.

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Let’s look at how WP Video Machine works. First of all, you will upload it to any WordPress site, just like any plug-in. Once installed, it shows up in the left menu, click on it. The Wp Video Machine dashboard will display the videos that have already been processed. These are videos of blogpost that have already been converted. Click on the button to create a video to the coresponding blogpost.

If you want to edit any of the content, you can add images and audio. The audio can be royalty free music or the built in Text-to-Speech. Basicly, a video can be created automatically with two clicks.

Once the video is created, it can be downloaded or automatically uploaded to YouTube for more free traffic. Any difficulties with backlinks and keywords, are taken care of with no problems.

This is what WP Video Machine does. You can also customize videos for extra pop! Images are royalty free along with audio. The Text-to-Speech feature allows the translation into different languages.

The audio/background music options have over 500 music tracks. You can have animations for the text or images, all in HD quality 720p. There are different font styles for the text.

Automatic backlinking to your post to increase SEO rankings. Automatic tags for your post along with the video. Social Media sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Tumblr, Linkedin and Buffer.

WP Video Machine gives you all of this in one very special plug-in. Click the Link Below and Get Access to WP Video Machine Today!

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Social 365 Review – Could You Use This For Your Following?

Youtube Source: Social 365 Review – Do You Need It? – Honest Review Of Social 365

Social 365 Review – Could You Use This For Your Following?

In this review We’re looking at Social 365 by Mark Laxton. This review will help you decide whether Social 365 is or is not for you.

What is Social 365? It is, in fact, hundreds of engaging posts that you can use on Social Media. These post can be used on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or whatever your social media of choice. These are a full year’s worth of post, hence the 365 part of the name.

Just to be clear, if you purchase through my link, I’ll get a commission. Full disclosure and all of that good stuff.

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In the sales page, you will find a Demo video for Social 365. This demo will give you an idea about how this product will help your marketing.

There are Two important things about Social 365.

  1. Engagement. Powerful messages that trigger an emotional response.
  2. PLR Rights. You will get full PLR Rights so you can sell this as your own. You can set your own price or use in your own Sales Funnel.

The Front End Price is $33 for 365 post. Hundreds of Copy and Paste quotes. This includes templates and cheat sheets. Ask yourself, can you really use this? Would this make your life a little easier? Sure it would! Think of the followers you can get with these clever quotes alone. Just posting regularly will give you that boost in followers.

Social 365 can be used for ideas, which means, you can easily have more than 365 post. Social 365 can help marketers with the most difficult aspect of social media. This to come up with inpiration for viral social media content. Become a Top Influencer with a huge Following.

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