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Create Unlimited Content, Unlimited Automated Adsense Blogs that get Traffic and sales automatically. Introducing Content Lab, your time-saving shortcut to getting results.

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When new content is published often it pulls free search engine traffic. Day after day, properly monetized content brings easy Commission’s.

Big companies are doing it, sites like Reddit, Pinterest, and have been making millions without creating any content on their own. Now you can use their formula and build your own content fast with content lab.

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You can create weeks worth of content in one sitting, no more feeling like you are missing out on this free traffic by not publishing new content often enough.

Here’s how this app will make you a better content marketer:

Drag-n-drop content generator allows you to find bits of hot/viral content from existing sources. Customize them and put together a completely new article ready to pull bring in free search engine traffic and turn it into profits.

Publish to all of your sites and content platforms from one central location. Content Lab easily integrates with self hosted WordPress
sites,, blogger, tumblr and twitter. Don’t like having to log into each of your sites every time you need to post something, you will love this time-saving feature.

Instant call to action buttons and to feel the aged products inside of your newly created content. All you do is simply enter a keyword, pick a few relevant products and insert them into your content. Every time somebody buys a product, you earn a commission.

Get Content Lab:

Get started in three very easy steps. It’s your Fastlane to free traffic and easy profits.

Step 1 Search for existing content to repurpose. Use our powerful content search tool that allows you to find pieces of viral content from existing sources, you can filter Category. Use news sites or even in the external URL as your content source.

Step 2 Build your own post with a drag-and-drop ease. Turn these little gems of viral content into your own fresh article. You can mix and match various types of content including videos pictures and tweets.

Step 3 Monetize with CTAs and affiliate products. Use the built in module for inserting your custom call to action. Or, use the affiliate product search tool to instantly find the best products to promote and insert them in your content with a single click.

Rinse and repeat as many times as you wish. Build unlimited content in any niche.

Ready to create some awesome content Fast, Order It Now and You’ll Get Access to Content Lab.

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