AI Video Creator Review || AI Video Creator Walkthrough

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AI Video Creator Review || AI Video Creator Walkthrough

You might have heard how a few insiders are making money with video on sites like YouTube Facebook and Google. They just create a video, get traffic and make money. But, there’s a problem if you want to make videos that converts in 2018. You need to spend thousands on video editors, voiceover, audio, graphic designers and copywriters. That’s why in 2018, $1,000 is the average cost per minute of video. This is why if you need a 10 minute video, expect to pay 10 grand. Sure I’ve made as much as ten thousand dollars a day with videos like this. But, that video cost me thousands of dollars to put together.

That is, until now, introducing the AI video creator. The world’s first Done-For-You Video Creation Tool built for YouTubers, affiliates, ecommerce, Facebook and other video profiteers who want to make money like this. Without, dropping ten thousand dollars on a video, using the power of artificial intelligence. AI Video Creator makes Done-For-You Videos in just 11 clicks. You can create unlimited Hollywood quality stop-motion graphic videos with real voiceovers on top. AI video creates high converting videos for YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce, Facebook, Local Marketing, Digital Marketing Explainer Videos, Apps, Product Reviews and more. With AI Video Creator, everything is 100% done for you.

Want to see how it works? It’s easy!

Step 1

Customize your video. The first step is to customize your video. Choose from 9 royalty-free backing tracks. Pick from 11 background images. Select from 12 different fonts. Then click to proceed to the next step.

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Step 2

Choose your Money Making Method and Niche. The next step is decide how you want to make money. That’s why we’ve pre-loaded AI video with ten of the top money-making niches and methods from E-commerce and Teespring to List Building and retargeting. From YouTube, PPC campaigns and Local Marketing Videos to Jvzoo. Also, Clickbank niches like Make Money and Dieting. Choose your niche and click.

Step 3

Done For You Template Slides and Scripts. Now, that you’ve chosen your niche, it’s time to build your script. Luckily, our million-dollar copywriter has pre created template lines for every niche. It’s done for you sales copywriting without the $10,000 price tag.

Here’s how easy it is, start by choosing the intro middle and close slides. Click on the template lines you want. To add, there are dozens of lines for each method and hundreds of high converting slides in total. So, the possible combinations are endless.

Step 4

Done For You Real Voiceovers. We took the sales copy one step further. Other software uses fake sounding computerized Text-To-Speech. But, with AI Video Creator, a Professional UK Voice-Over Artist reads every line of these million dollar scripts. Each
line you choose, you get three real recordings to choose from. You just click Next to cycle through the pre-loaded recordings for the hundreds of lines inside AI Video.

Step 5

Tweak your Slides and Render. Now, you’ve picked your niche, built your script and picked your voice-over recordings. It’s time to tweak your slides then render your video. This is where our new motion graphics video editing engine comes in.

With AI Video you can add images and video to each slide. Choose from ten motion graphics animations for each slide. Drag and drop the slides to reorder them, change text and background colors for each slide. Of course, you can easily edit the slide.

Text Editing

The text means you can turn the hundreds of slides into an infinite number of campaigns. For example, the voice-over asks do you want to get a free quote. Geo-target your prospects by adding, do you want to get a free quote in New York or add an image of New York City. Or show a video of someone searching for New York Dentist.

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The AI Video Creator Tool is infinitely scalable and customizable to any niche, and that’s all there is to it your video is now 100% done for you. Click Render, then upload your video to YouTube, Facebook or your website. And start profiting so what are you waiting for.

By 2019 video will account for 80% of global Internet traffic, and 85% in the U.S. Top marketers like me are making money like this with video. Are you ready to grab a slice of that pie? AI Video Creator is your new all-in-one done-for-you video creation software. Create unlimited Hollywood Quality HD, stop-motion graphic videos with real-life professional voiceovers on top. The audio sounds fantastic the visuals are crystal-clear and you can put them all together to create Pro videos in minutes.

But, that’s not all AI Video is a downloadable software engine, which runs on both PC and Mac. Upload your videos to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, your website or anywhere online.

AI Video includes hundreds of done for you written lines and slides, and includes hundreds of done for you pre-recorded real voices. Nine royalty-free music backing tracks, for a professional touch. 11 background images, to captivate your audience. 12 fonts to customize your video and make the million dollar copy convert. Includes, training to get you started in minutes. Access to my uk-based customer support team. Unlimited video renders, make as many as you like. There are no restrictions or royalties to pay. Full commercial and agency rights, you can use your video for any purpose and sell to any business for 100% profit.

100% Money Back Guarantee, we’ve servedover 90 thousand customers so you can trust us. So, are you ready to create real done-for-you videos in 60 seconds, then
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With Artificial Intelligence, everything is done for you so it’s the easiest way for you to make money with video. Imagine creating motion graphics videos in 60 seconds. Imagine stealing my done-for-you sales copy and voiceovers. Imagine the kind of results you’ll get with my AI video software, doing the work. Well stop imagining, just look at the rock-solid proof that’s possible so are you ready to take your video profits to the next level.

You’re only one click away from making money with video. The first step is to Click on the Link Below. It’s risk free the AI video creator has an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. Try it for 30 days, upload some videos, go ahead get some traffic and make some money.

If you still think this is not for you I’ll refund your money no questions asked. Order right now Click the Link below. I’ll send you an instant access link to the AI Video Creator and you can have your first video made in just a few minutes. You can make and sell as many videos as you want, with 100% commercial rights and I’ll also include personal access to my email address in the members area.

Remember, I’m here to help you succeed. But, you must act now, this is a very limited offer. Once the price discount ends I will start charging one hundred and forty seven dollars for each license I sell. Sorry, but, with an offer this good there are no second chances.

So what are you waiting for, Click Below to get started. You’ll be taken to PayPal page, enter your information and then confirm your payment. You’ll get instant access to my software in under a minute. Nothing could be simpler, it’s your chance, you can’t wait on this. Do it right away so you can finally start making money with video. This opportunity will only last so long and I can only help so many people.

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