SociCake – Facebook Marketing With 10 Tool Suite

SociCake – Facebook Marketing With 10 Tool Suite

SociCake is a facebook marketing suite with ten tools.

Tool #1: Rich Post Editor – This tool makes your post comments and ads stand out and capture people’s attention, resulting in a huge boost in post engagement leads and sales.

Tool #2: Facebook Post Manager – With a post manager you can create and
schedule link post, image post, video post, call-to-action post and slideshows across multiple Facebook pages. And multiple Facebook accounts from one dashboard in minutes.

As a marketer, you should be aware that the call to action is one of the most important elements of an ecommerce campaign. A good image and headline draw attention. But, what makes people take action is your call to action. Facebook allows you to add a call to action button on your post, awesome feature, but unfortunately this is only available through Facebook ads. Now with socialcake, you can create a CTA post and schedule it across multiple Facebook pages and multiple Facebook accounts.

Tool #3: Clickable Images Creator – This tool will help you turn every picture you post on social media into a viral traffic machine.

Tool #4: Messenger Bot – This tool empowers you to create a Facebook messenger bot for marketing sales and support, without coding.

Tool #5: Messenger Broadcaster – This tool allows you to send bulk broadcast content updates and valuable notifications straight into the inbox of your messenger leads. Proven to have 80 percent open rates. Messenger is the best place to reach out to your customers. You also have access to growth tools that help you grow your messenger leads.

Tool #6: Comment Autoresponder – With this tool, you can set up a bot that replies to your facebook comments, engages your commenters and turns them into messenger subscribers.

Tool #7: SociCake Invader – This is a growth hacking tool that converts post likes into fan page likes by mass inviting everybody who liked your posts to like your fan page. If your Facebook post goes viral or you run Facebook Ads, you will discover people will like your post without liking your page. For example, a post alone can have 8000 likes, but the page itself might only get about 4000 likes. The problem here is that Facebook will not show your future post to post likers. The solution is to invite them to like your page, while you can invite people who like your post manually one by one. This could be extremely time consuming to do everyday. SociCake Invader is a growth tool that allows you to invite everyone in one click. It’s a Chrome extension after installation. Notice that SociCake automatically added a new button that invites all in one click. There is a slight and random delay between each invite, this prevents red flags by Facebook. You can open a new tab and do other things while the inviter works in the background.

Tool #8: Content Designer – SociCake comes with a graphic design suite for pumping out jaw-dropping and high converting designs in just minutes. Even if you have zero technical or design skills you can design Facebook post timeline covers Facebook ads and many more it comes loaded with 1000 plus premium templates. 7.5 million stock images fonts icons and illustrations. It also comes ready with a database of over 450,000 viral quotes and many more.

Download link with this tool, you can create links that capture the name and email address of those that click on it. Without a landing page or opt-in form.

Tool #10: Facebook Live Engine – Use this tool to upload a pre-recorded video and broadcast it live.

Ten top-notch Facebook marketing tools that will help you grow your business. There will be one new tool added every month for the next six months. As a SociCake founding member, you also have access to our Facebook marketing Academy. You will learn how to use Facebook to fuel and automate your business.

Join thousands of users who are using SociCake to fuel and automate their businesses.

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