Voicematic Review – The Interactive Voice Response Software

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Voicematic Review – The Interactive Voice Response Software

Okay, now that we’re signed in, I’m gonna take you into our main dashboard. In our dashboard we give users an overall picture on activity within specific accounts. Whether it be a client’s account, no matter what, they’ll always see stats according to their specific accounts. Here we have a total of inbound calls and a total outbound calls. Here are today’s stats. So today’s stats, we have zero inbound calls and total outbound calls zero. Now, I want you to keep in mind that Voicematic is a follow up system, so it focuses just on that specific area.

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Think of Voicematic as your autoresponder. The autoresponder you trigger is an automatic follow-up, that’s essentially what’s happening here. Within this dashboard, right on the home page, users can see activity in relations to their followers.

The next feature I’m gonna go into our primary. I’m gonna give you a breakdown on integration. We integrate with Twilio, however, we’ve made it super easy for our users to plug-and-play. They can leverage our platform.

On the bottom we have an autoresponder, that could be set by default. We have voice and text of speech responses set up here. We could decide to disable or enable it, just click update and we’re ready to rock and roll. For now I have it disabled.

I’m gonna go into our campaign’s portion. I developed the campaign’s portion, because we have a lot of clients. Not only that, I’m thinking, a marketplace. We want our ideal buyer to essentially use this in their consulting business. So we’ve made it super easy for them to sell this as a service or just potentially give it away. There’s a lot of flexibility here.

Here we have a bunch of test data, but usually if I wanted to add a client, I would just click on add and I would formulate the account for them. Just follow the basic steps and create the account. The beauty about this is that, now users can go ahead and sell this as a service and manage multiple accounts. When you log into each account it pretty much looks exactly the same. Except the data is different based on the numbers that they have. Speaking of numbers, I want to clarify that you definitely need a Twilio number to be able to use our platform. It’s usually like a dollar, so it’s not anything that’s gonna hurt the pockets. That’s pretty much all you need, along with your own personal number.

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You could just hear the text of speech, but also, you could test your messages. And the campaigns are super easy.

Let’s say you have a bunch of clients, you could just type it out pathetically like A, and then sort by B and C and so on and so forth. We wanted to make that process easy.

Let’s go on to the Texas Beach area, we’ve got a lot of test data here. I wanted to fully demonstrate to you how it all works. I’m going to add text to speech. We’ll go into the dashboard, so you have full clarity on this area. We have our text-to-speech, so we could give this a name. This could be number one, for example, I could type in my text to speech. In our training I’ll show the users how to work with our system so that the messages sound as real as possible. When they send them out, they are completely compliant. We do this through various API’s. I’m going on to voice, it’s only audio so MPEG or mp3 files only. Say that your buyers have a promo that they’re doing for maybe a client. They can absolutely upload that.

Let’s say that there’s a digital marketer, with a list, and they want to promote a particular offer. Via phones, maybe paper call offers etc., they can absolutely do that as well. Super easy, just upload it, click Submit and you’re ready. There is a lot of flexibility here, a lot of cool things that you can do using this platform.

Let’s just give you a breakdown. Once you create the text-to-speech, you can see it visually. You can preview your text-to-speech, you can remove it, you can go back and edit it. There’s a lot of flexibility that you can even listen to it right from your computer.
I’m gonna go ahead and schedule a call, this is another vital area for our platform. I’ll explain why, when we originally built this platform, I was thinking more about follow-ups. There are a lot of systems out there that you can send calls and things like that. But, they don’t really focus on the follow-up. Voicematic solves that problem by allowing you to drag and drop any incoming calls. I’ll explain how it works, here we have our calls to schedule, any incoming calls. I’ve went ahead and bought a number from Twilio, I can place it on my website. Send a bunch of traffic to it Google or Facebook, however, send it right to that number. All the numbers are shown right here. This is just an example number. Before I go into the drag-and-drop, click on this little exclamation point here you can see how many times that number called. This is important, not just for offliners but for guys in the online world. Maybe it’s someone needing urgent help
or maybe it’s a potential customer or maybe it’s a potential client. We just never know, so by looking at this data here we can determine why this person called me three times. I can export this so we have that data you can pass it on to someone else. So I’m gonna go ahead and just choose this one here. We’ll choose this text-to-speech, I can
drag and drop it off to 621. I could go ahead and drag and drop it on to 10:00 a.m. all using the text-to-speech. You’ll see that in just a few seconds it’ll show up there. What happens now is that we drag and drop that in our system on this time and date. Voicematic will automatically follow up with that number with a specific text-to-speech. If it’s a potential client, prospect or buyer, they’re gonna get that message. We wanted to give users more flexibility.

There’s a lot more that you can do with Voicematic, within this portion of the platform. You can schedule calls manually. This can be any number, maybe you want to send out
to a specific number. You want to choose a specific text-to-speech date and time. You click Add and it’ll basically be sent out and added on to the calendar on that specific date and time.

We give way more control than that, you could also manually, just by clicking an ad preset. You can add a bunch of presets, you can do this all manually. It works beautifully! Once you get this up and running, with presets. You can preset, for example, a specific date a start date and end date.

You can choose whatever text-to-speech or voice recording you want. Every week for one month or every month for one year. The system will continue to follow up, for example, every Tuesday of the month the system will follow up for as long as you want.

These are just some examples, I could have this set to 06/22/2019 starting at 1:45 p.m. We give them more flexibility, we know that this is something that potential buyers are going to request. We know that this is coming so we went ahead and created that capability, so they have the option to create a bunch of presets on a specific date so they got a bunch of unique things. They can do all on this one page, drag and drop scheduled calls manually. For one specific number had presets for it a bunch of numbers.

I’m gonna go on to the next batch schedule calls. Thinking more about flexibility and giving users the ability to do more than just scheduled for incoming callers. We know that a lot of our potential buyers have numbers laying around. We even had that problem, we had books and books of numbers with customers. We weren’t doing anything with these numbers, so within this area, you can do a lot of cool things. I’m just gonna go ahead and type in JB, then I’m gonna click Next. You can upload, just by following our template, I’ll upload a bunch of numbers with a specific text-to-speech. Or you can just copy and paste a bunch of numbers, for example, I’ll just put my number here. I’m just gonna click Next, now I could actually choose the date and time that I want this call to go out. I can choose the text of speech. I can just write test here and go ahead and finish it up and we’ll have it within our system. Now this is a quick test, so I’m not gonna go ahead and click finish up, because it’s gonna load up. So on this specific date and time this text-to-speech this number will go out to this to this specific number here. So again if you have a bunch of numbers laying around, your buyers have numbers laying around they can absolutely do a lot with those numbers with the text to speech. But with the mp3s, we’re gonna have a bunch of detailed training on how they can scare this out with complete details.

I’m gonna move on to the next year. I’m gonna go into our schedule calls status. Any scheduled calls that you set up in your best calls area, you definitely will be able to see them in this area here. If you click on ‘view status’, you can view the status on it. I’ll just click ‘view status’ so you can see that the numbers have been scheduled. This is just a bunch of test calls that were set up. I’m gonna go back into ‘scheduled calls’ status and then down beneath it you have scheduled the actual scheduled calls. Here you have a full list of them here for you to see, you got the all scheduled calls up here, so everything is completely visible. You have the ability to export, any incoming callers you got them on this page here.

I’m just gonna click on incoming calls, so you can see them all here. Any numbers that might have come in you can absolutely export them and keep them keep and recycling them over and over. Keep sending them content via text-to-speech or mp3 is completely up to your buyers. We give them massive flexibility here.

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