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Royalty free HD stock video royalty free HD video stock footage get Stockocity2

Does it seem like the price of stock video is always going up, while everything else in technology is coming down? $79 for a single full HD stock video. It’s actually going up. Stock video companies know you must have video for marketing promotions and website social in 2018. If you’ve ever paid too much for a stock video or never bought a stock video. You’re going to love this, it’s a monthly membership site called Stockocity2. A completely free stock footage site.

Pay a ridiculous low one-time price, to join, no recurring payments. Get instant access to 6000 full HD footage videos. Get 75 new Full HD footage videos every month. HD videos are 100% royalty free.

I’m not sure what these guys are thinking, but I’ve never seen a better price on High Quality HD videos. One more thing, this isn’t a fire sale or collection where you get a 100 gigabytes dump of a bunch of files with generic file names. This is a fully searchable, fully browsable, fully preview able membership site. Since this just launched, the guys over at Stockocity2 have decided to add Designer Developer Rights at no extra cost. You can use all of these Royalty Free Stock Videos in your projects and videos and also in your clients projects and videos.

Take a look at what’s included, 6000 royalty free full HD stock footage videos and now 75 new HD stock footage videos every month. All videos are available in popular lower resolutions, unlimited 24/7 access to full previews, unlimited 24/7 video downloads, bonus developer slash designer rights. And it’s completely hosted in the cloud so you don’t need to download 100 gigabytes of videos files.

Stockocity2 is literally the last stock video you will ever need. One more thing, it’s pressed like a dime sale and we’ll be going up in price every day. Get over there now!

Royalty Free HD Stock Video Royalty Free HD Video Stock Footage.

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