MeetZippy – Multi-Use Video Marketing Tool 2019

MeetZippy – Multi-Use Video Marketing Tool 2019

Introducing MeetZippy!

Unlimited Streaming, Unlimited Recording, Unlimited Transcoding at one time price.

In 1 minute- Host HD Quality Meetings, Engage Web Visitors, Produce videos that Generate traffic , Create Profitable Courses and Cut Your Video Marketing Costs To Shreds!

Let’s explore feature. Here’s What You’re Getting Access To In The Next 5 Minutes. This Multi-Use Video Marketing Tool Overview is going to blow you away.

Video Meetings Made Easy

Product Demos And Presentations

Record HD Quality Videos for Courses

LIVE of Multiple Facebook Groups, Pages and Profile

Host Live Video Call On Your Blog Page

Facebook LIVE your pre-recorded video sessions

Host a Mastermind on MeetZippy

Create Evergreen Webinars

MeetZippy Consultancy 1 to 1

Create Live Summits

PowerPoint Presentation just went HD!

Host Questions and Answer Sessions

Host A Podcast

One Click Entry

Whiteboard Demo Sharing:

HD Audio Quality

Upload Recorded Videos on YouTube

Audience engagement

Customise branding

And Much More

Nothing On the Market Comes Close To MeetZippy Right Now!

How To Get Traffic!

Create 2-3-minute HD Quality Videos on MeetZippy. Teach something that going to help your audience. Upload the video on high traffic platforms like Udemy and Coursera.

Udemy traffic is incredible

89 million
visitors in total…

Teachable Traffic gets a total
of 10.83 traffic…

How does MeetZippy get me traffic?

Create snappy short form videos and post it on Facebook or YouTube. Talk with passion about your products and service.

Publish Recorded Videos to the following Platforms and see your traffic increase!

YouTube | Vimeo | Yahoo | Screen | DailyMotion | Hulu | Vube | Twitch

YouTube Is Now Considered The 2nd Largest Search Engine Online!

Right behind its parent
of Google.

So… If You Want To TRULY Take Advantage of All That Video Internet Traffic And Cash In On 2019, Then You’ll DEFINITELY Need This…

MeetZippy is a Revolutionary All In One Video Marketing Software Lets You Create Content, Engage Web Visitors,

Produce Profitable Courses, And Close Sales All from One Powerful Yet Easy To Use Platform!

This Software Makes Creating Content, Closing Leads,and Generating Sales –
As Easy As 1,2,3!

It’s Finally Here…
The Total Video Marketing Solution To

Record HD Quality Videos

PowerPoint Presentations

Create Whiteboard Demos

Create Online courses


Host Masterminds

It’s Super Easy-To- Use And even Newbies can Start an Online Business in Minutes!

MeetZippy is the ultimate Video Engagement software MeetZippy Is Easy Enough For Newbies, Yet Powerful Enough For Advanced Marketers

Anyone Who Has Tried to run an effective online video campaign TO GET REAL RESULTS Has Run into One Problem After Another

The system works. Proven from both personal results and those of independent testers. But it’s got to work for you too.

So, you’ll get 30 full days to use MeetZippy in your business with zero risk. Get MORE traffic from multiple networks.

Convert audiences into leads, buyers & profits. Or your money back. Of course, if you have a question or issue along the way, our friendly support team will get you up and running fast.

Get MeetZippy Today!

YouTube Source: MeetZippy – Multi-Use Video Marketing Tool Overview

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Fast! – Traffic Ivy Demo

Welcome to this demo for Traffic IVY! In this video I’m going to show you how to use the Traffic IVY platform. Also, to get traffic to your sites and also how you can unleash the power of Traffic IVY. Get an unlimited amount of traffic as much as you like.

First when you log in to your dashboard you’ll see that everything is real-time statistics.
You’ll be able to see how many blogs are in our network how many social media accounts are in our network. You will know where the traffic’s being delivered and all of that great stuff.

To create your own campaign you’ll go to My Traffic Campaigns, and click on create new traffic campaign. Simply fill in the details. you’ll see all different kinds of things that is going to be displayed in the traffic marketplace. Choose the type of content that you want to share. You can choose to share an article on our massive network of blocks. You can post it up on a huge range of social media sites or you can upload a
video or you can even add banner ads on to other people’s websites or blogs. If you like you can do a combination of all of them. Just choose the one that you want to do first and set up that content.

You can create article content which would include a title and then all of
the content that you want. Actually post it onto people’s blogs so you can
add your own backlinks to your site’s. You can add your own banners, you can add anything that you like pointing back to your site. Bringing you a whole lot of traffic.

Once you’re done click Next, then if you’d like even more traffic you can click social. You can choose which platform you want to display your ads on and then go ahead and customize. Whatever it is you’d like people can share on their own Facebook, Twitter, reddit pages, Pinterest and so on.

When you’re done with that, click Next. If you’ve got a video that you would like people to share on their network you can do that as well. Upload your own video to be shared on different people’s YouTube accounts. You can upload a video and add whatever you like to be added into the description, including your links to
whatever it is that you want traffic to. When you’ve completed your upload, you can choose how many points you want to spend on each campaign. Here I’ll share 10 points and I’ll use a maximum of a hundred points and that means that 10 people are going to share my site, and they’ll be rewarded 10 points. My campaign is now available in the marketplace.

My campaign is now created so you can go to the marketplace and you’ll be able to see what everybody else is seeing and sharing for you your content. This will include all of your backlinks, all of your affiliate links, anything that you like is now available in the marketplace.

People can go and share on their blogs, their social media accounts or even upload onto YouTube. They’ll be able to come here, simply click and share on their blogs and they’ll be rewarded. Once they share you’ll get a breakdown of every link that’s been sent, so you’ll be able to go to your Dashboard and see exactly what is being shared and where it’s being shared. You’ll be able to see all of your affiliate links your backlinks everything that you’re planning on sharing and using the system for, on a whole massive network of blogs. Plus, to keep the quality of the content that is shared as well as the traffic that’s being received. We’ve developed a rating system so you can come in here and rate, and as a person that sharing content if your rating is higher, you’ll be able to actually earn more points and be rewarded for having better quality traffic. That’s how you’ll be able to use your points if you run out or you want more you can always just get more.

Connect your assets including your Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit or LinkedIn. You can also connect WordPress sites and share articles as well. Then come over to the marketplace, find really relevant content and share it to earn yourself
some rewards.

This really is an easy solution that anyone can use to get traffic to their links to get eyeballs on their content. To really start getting more of what you want without having to invest a whole lot of time and without having to spend a lot of money. I hope you enjoyed the above demo video, if you want some more information please check out the rest of this site.

YouTube Source: How To Drive Traffic To Your Website Fast! 2019 – Increase Website Traffic – Traffic Ivy Demo