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Welcome to the demo video for Done-For-You Hero. We are offering over 100 done free websites, sales pages, Squeeze pages become stores and blogs.

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Let’s go ahead and just jump right in. When you log in, you’re going to come to your dashboard. On your dashboard, there are several options. One is my sites, which when you first start is empty, because you haven’t created any sites yet. There’s add a new site and then there is the monetization training.

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

We’re going to go ahead and just jump right in to add a new site. When we click on the button, to add a new site, we are brought to the templates page. Here you are able to choose the right template, for the type of website or pages that you’re building. There is this menu here along the top or you can just scroll down and look for just what is appealing to you. We’ll go ahead and choose one, I like this one, you’re able to view the
template before or you can just select in this case. I am going to select and we’re going to build our site. After we have chosen the site that we want to build, we need to put in some information. This one can be My Great Site, that can be the URL, so Great Site and then the language. You’re able to choose the purpose of this video, I am going to keep it with English. Then we just add a site. Okay, we have chosen our site, we’ve named it and then we are brought into the my sites page, that I mentioned here. This is the site that we just built and we’re going to go and take a look at it now, and here is the site that we’ve built. It only took a few seconds to do and we can take a look and see everything that is on. It comes fully ready to go, everything is here all you need to do is customize it.

Whether you are building a site for yourself or for a client, all you need to do is go in and make this site your own or your customers. Just do two easy customizations. It’s very easy and simple to do. This is how simple it is to use Done For You Hero.

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Thank You for watching and we’ll see you on the inside.


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